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When using a Unicorn stone they will be in your energy field, providing you with the energy you need.  They will balance, heal and protect you and it’s a very powerful energy.

On the spiritual path the Unicorn energy symbolizes love, clarity and purity.  The Unicorn also has healing powers and the ability to dissolve bad curses.


The Unicorn will work on your blockages too and help you with aches, pains and illness.  Just place a stone (one is enough) on the person you are giving healing to or yourself, or if doing distance healing just write the persons name on a piece of paper and place the stone on the name for as long as you wish and they will receive the healing needed.


You can place a Unicorn stone under your pillow while you sleep and ask the Unicorns to visit your dreams bringing you guidance and wisdom, to heal you or just give you a better night’s sleep.


The bonus of the Unicorn stone is that it never needs to be cleansed (as crystals often do), as they will not absorb negative energy.


Try placing the Unicorn stone in your bath before you get in and feel the energy relax you as you soak.  Experiment in as many ways as you can think of, only good will come through the Unicorns as you work with the stone and its energies.


Remember though, always let a Unicorn touch you first as is their right to acquaint themselves with you and your energy.

 To order email - spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk




email - spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk

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