It is surprising, but then maybe not, that Templa Mar is unknown to most people I have met. Even in my spiritual work the psychics, mediums and even other healers seem unaware of this magical healing place of seven spiritual mansions. The Angel quest of the heart, as Angela Mcger puts it in her fantastic work book, is about working with the angels and animal guides to heal yourself through the chakra's so that you may become a better healing channel for yourself and others. This quest, if you are ever privileged to walk it, is the way of love and light, the way of the Angels leading to inner peace. It involves the sacred seven : Hope, Courage, Truth, Wisdom, Beauty, Harmony and Healing, as well as the sacred three: Magic, Transformation and Tranquility.

Taking up the quest will see you work on these qualities within yourself via each individual chakra, opening up and helping you to achieve a different level of healing in mind, body and spirit. As you walk this path healing yourself continuously you will achieve a higher level of consciousness, drawing you nearer to the vibration of the angels themselves and their unconditional love.

The Templa Mar quest is one of beauty, love and knowledge, for to gain access to it there is lot to be learned about the Angels and animal guides that dwell there. To show true dedication to them and the healing cause one must know the table of the sacred seven and three. This table consists of the Planets and their ruling Angels, their day of the week and metals, their attributes and key symbols. There are also the rainbow chakra energy centres and their correspondences to know. These include knowledge of Crystals/colours, Planets, flowers, ruling Angels and their qualities and chakra issues you can address. Truly dedicated to this quest you must be as you will need the guardianship qualities and mystical animal guides names as they appear to you also.

By taking the quest you will visit many mansions, Angels and animal guides as they help you on your path. Know them and love them to find your true reward to self healing and to make your world full of love, peace and harmony through your own transformation.

The quest to Templa Mar is not one to be rushed, it is a place in which to build on yourself.

Visiting the same mansion time and again will enhance your vibrations further as you find that inner peace and tranquillity within you.

So open your heart to higher learning and love as you walk amongst the Angels. The quest is yours and yours alone as you seek and find your answers. I wish you good luck upon your quest and your meditational endeavours.  If only we could all get there, but at least I hope some of us will try!                                                                   



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