Only £1 each plus £2 p&p per stone (UK deliveries only except Ireland)



The stones when in your energy field will provide you with the energy you need, bringing you healing and protection. They can be used used by just placing the stone on any pained area to heal it or for meditation to take you on healing journeys.

They work on your blockages and help you to stay balanced and more focused lifting your spirits. You can heal others and do distance healing with them too, just place a stone on a person (one is enough), or yourself or just write the persons name on a piece of paper and place a stone on top of it for as long as you wish and they will receive the healing they need.

You can place a stone under your pillow while you sleep and ask to be visited in your dreams, bringing you guidance, wisdom, protection and healing. You can use the stones to charge your drinking water. Just hold a stone to the side of your glass or bottle for a few seconds and it will be charged, you may even taste the difference as it purifies the water for your body.

The bonus to these stones is that they never need cleansing, (as crystals often do), as they will not absorb negativity. Try placing a stone in your bath before you get in and feel the energies as you soak.  Experiment in as many ways as you can think of, only good will come from the stones as you work with their energies.


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