60 minute healing treatment = £45

30 minute healing treatment = £25

 Spiritual healing can help with physical, mental and emotional problems. It is not something that takes a lot of time to do particularly, however depending on the symptoms you may need the treatment over a longer course of time. Spiritual healing can never cause any harm as it is purely there to help you to your highest and greatest good. The healing works with your body in order to aid a speedier recovery so any medications being taken will not be affected. In fact spiritual healing can help to lessen the need for orthodox medicines. Diabetics should pay particular attention to their insulin levels when receiving spiritual healing. It must be said also though that spiritual healing should not be used as an alternative to Doctors recommendations only used in conjunction with it to aid the healing process.

So what exactly is spiritual healing? To me it’s about love and energy. Everybody no matter who you are has loved somebody at sometime in there life. Love is so hard to pinpoint as it affects people in so many different ways. Some describe it as a heart felt pang whilst others feel a flutter in there stomach. Some feel secure and protected by it and some feel it as a warm sensation within the body. However you’ve felt it is unique to you, but what you can’t do is see it wholly. Spiritual healing is much the same, but just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean its not there. Personally spiritual healing is something I can feel, as the healing energies flow through my body before leaving me through my heart, hands, eyes or mind. I feel this because I have an attuned psychic link to the spirit world/heavenly realms. Let me also make this clear it is not me, as a spiritual healer, that heals you it is entirely and 100% the healing guides and angels etc from the spirit world, most commonly known as heaven. The spiritual healer is merely an instrument or channel that these heavenly beings will work through in order to help heal any living thing. Because we are who we are if spirit popped up everywhere for us to see them the vast majority of people would think they were hallucinating. This is where the spiritual healer is needed so spirit can do their work without being seen or alarming people. It is a shame that the world is such a busy place that most people have forgotten the basics taught through life from thousands of years ago. People are a little too ignorant of the past and how it taught us to heal ourselves, which is what spiritual healing is all about. We were given it but just don’t take the time to use it, but there are still luckily many people out there like me who do.

When spiritual healing takes place the healer is in fact opening their heart and soul to the spirit world. We are asking for the healing guides and angel’s divine love, light and healing energies to work through us for the highest and greatest good. Lots of healers are also very good mediums and can see these guides and angels working with them.  Unless you are psychic aware, a healer or sensitive it is unlikely that you will feel anything unusual during a spiritual healing. But most commonly people may become aware of the healers hands becoming hot or cold as the healing energy is passed through from healer to patient. As pointed out earlier the effects are not always instantaneous, it depends on the problem at hand. Some illnesses or pains will disappear in minutes or hours whereas some may require a number of weeks or months. Some however may not disappear at all which is why the spiritual healer must stress that they cannot cure all ills. Just like orthodox medicine they try to do what they can to aid dis-ease and pain within the body that is all. Another sensation the patient commonly feels after a spiritual healing is a sense of calm and relaxation, this usually comes as a wonderful relief to people who live their lives with busy or hectic schedules.

Animal healing treatments start at just £30


 60 minute Reiki treatment = £45

30 minute Reiki treatment = £25

Reiki healing was brought to our recent attention by Dr Mikao Usui in the 19th century, but it is one of the most ancient healing techniques known. It is a technique that works on the mind, body and spirit within us.  The word Reiki is a Japanese word meaning universal life energy (or force).


Rei (pronounced Ray) – is the universal side of the energy and represents the spirit, soul energy.

Ki (pronounced Key) – is the life force energy which flows through every living thing. It has the same meaning as the Chinese – ‘Chi’ and the Hindu – ‘Prana’.


The meanings of these are as follows -


Energy force for healing.

Breath of life.

Bond between mind, body and spirit.

Life force energy that flows through every living thing.

Mind body power associated with blood and breath.

Life energy

Vibrations of power penetrating the universe and every living thing.

It is the energy that flows through everything, humans, animals, plants and minerals and comes from the divine source that is.


Reiki refers to the life force energy that flows around our body in the air that we breathe and the food that we eat. When this flow gets blocked it can cause discomfort, pain and illness. Reiki healing brings a deep relaxation and helps to clear those blockages. It also detoxifies the body as it supplies the healing universal energy. When the body relaxes with the Reiki healing, tension and stress blockages are dissolved and a normal flow of the universal life energy can continue. This helps the body to remove waste and toxins quicker to heal itself and balance the emotions. Reiki healing works with the energy and chakra systems within the body which in turn works on the endocrine system. The endocrine glands release hormones into the blood stream and circulatory system to stimulate or modify the action of the organ tissues. Hormones help the body to react to hunger, disease and infection and prepare it for physical movement, stress or reproduction. Hormones are also involved in metabolism, growth, aging and maintaining inner stability (homeostasis). All the glands work independently but if any one is under or over reactive it affects all.


The relevant chakra to endocrine gland is as follows –










Reiki healing is a simple, effective way of transferring the universal life energy to the recipient. It is a powerful but safe method of spiritually guided healing that can benefit every living thing. Reiki healing balances the energy in the body to promote the healing of mind, body and spirit. By placing the hands over the appropriate points on the body the Reiki healer is then helping to transfer the universal energy to where it is needed most.

Reiki healing is not attached to any form of religion and is available to all walks of life.




The above or any other healing modalities can be done this way

Absent healing or distance healing are thoughts/prayers that are transmitted to a particular person in need to aid their recovery from illness. Unlike the spiritual hands on healing were the healer is present with the patient, absent healing can be sent from any part of the world to another. This is done by the healer’s psychic link with the spirit guides who send the healing energy to whoever and wherever it is needed. This form of healing as with any healing may require days, weeks or months before results start to show, and unfortunately with certain obvious diseases results may not show at all.

However there are many, many successful stories and I myself use this technique on a daily basis and have seen spirit help a number of my clients through their difficult times. If you check out the testimonies page you can read for yourself just how successful absent healing can be and it really isn’t that hard to do. All the healer needs is a name or photograph and possibly the nature of the illness, though it isn’t really necessary as the healer will ask the spirit guides to heal whoever needs it to their highest and greatest good. Spirit transcends space and time and can work this way easily, sending the healing energy to any appropriate person anywhere. Animals can also benefit from this healing method in just the same way.

The healer works from the heart and is offering their love to spirit in order to help with the healing just the same as in hands on spiritual healing. Spirit passes the healing energy through the healer’s heart/body/mind and then sends this to whoever the healer requests wherever they may be. It really is a simple process that the healer meditates/prays on and shows the utmost trust and respect in his healing guides.

I am proud that my healing guides come in the form of the great Harry Edwards and the Reiki Master and founder Dr Mikao Usui and it is my humble pleasure to serve them and all my other healing guides and angels.


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