Negativity and Entity removals of a property start from  £50

Negativity and Entity removals from a person followed by a full healing £90


As with everything in life, there is good and bad, positive and negative. Many people who work with spirit only work with the positive and choose to close their minds to the existence of negative energies and entities.

Unfortunately negativity exists and can be picked up in everyday life and sometimes can be sent to people by those who choose to work in a negative way. These people usually have a link with spirit but work through ego or greed and not for the benefit of others. It can also be brought about by misusing Ouija boards etc.

Dean works with negativity in a positive way to remove negativity from properties or people it has attached itself to. This is not something that can be undertaken lightly and involves the utmost trust and faith in his spirit guides.

Sometimes in life, people become depressed, feel down or low or just generally feel unlucky in many areas of their life, for example, love, work or financially which we now understand is sometimes down to the presence of negative energies or entities.

Negativity feeds on your fear, hatred, depression etc which gives it power and it usually manifests itself as a darkness within you, this can range from mild feelings of being ‘down’ right through to suicidal and maniacal thoughts and actions depending on the strength of the negativity, be it energy or entity.  

These problems can sometimes be seen as a form of mental illness which perhaps is not the case at all. In properties it is sometimes just as simple as a bad feeling when you enter the property or can be as severe as bad spirits been seen, mostly by children who are far more open and perceptive to spirit then adults.

The worst thing you can do is fear negativity, which is quite hard when you don’t know what you are dealing with. However, with guided help and complete trust in the spirit world Dean can help to clear the negativity that may plague someone or a property.

Removing the negativity is done through his spirit guides, who kindly deal with it as they best see fit, sometimes taking it back to the spirit underworld so it is able to grow and learn the good ways of the Universe and work to become a positive energy. As Dean is a pure white positive healing channel, this enables light and positive energy to be pushed at the negativity and rid the host (person) or property of it.

This service not only helps people in their physical being but also spirits that are misguided or simply lost and in need of help. Dean does this with the help of a very strong and pure team of spirit guides who give their time to enable him to help people.This is a great gift that can only be used in the purest and most humble way to help misguided spirits evolve and learn on their own journey.

Dean can also remove negativity distantly, (without him needing to be at the location or with the person) so this makes it another great way to help people as distance is not a problem via the  astral plain. Don’t think just because Dean is based in the UK he cannot help you. 

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