I have been associating myself with the spirit world since I was twelve years old. This was brought to my attention and awareness by both my Father and my Grandfather who were healer and medium respectively. I never really pursued it as strongly as them until I hit thirty, then things really started to change for me.  Before that it was just a personal and very private hobby. I started to become more aware of people, what they were thinking and what they needed in their lives to help them get through things. People had always come to me with their problems seeking advice but now even strangers were starting to unburden themselves to me. I found myself talking to spirit more and more in order to help people through their problems. Some things I told them drew strange looks but, following my advice, I always proved to be right, or rather spirit did.

It was during this time I hit a particularly low point in my own life through work which in turn affected my health. I caught a throat infection because I was so run down with the problems at work and this caused an arthritic reaction in my body. I suffered many weeks in bed barely able to make it to the toilet across the hall such were the pains in my joints. It took many months to recover and during this time I sought refuge in the Temple my Father and Grandfather had worked in looking for answers to my current predicament.

It was in the Temple, on my first time back after so many years, that I was told I would  become a healer. I must admit I didn’t put much stock in the message given to me as I didn’t see myself following in my Fathers footsteps at all. My Father had been a dedicated healer for years and I just couldn’t see myself giving that commitment or being as good as he was.

How wrong I was to doubt. My healing took off at such a speed I barely had time to blink. I had the honour of the great Harry Edwards (spirit guide) working through me and within five months I had been Reiki attuned, a Japanese technique of healing. This Reiki attunement brought so much more to my healing abilities as the Reiki Master and Founder, Dr Usui was now also working through me, along with Harry Edwards and many other heavenly beings.

I could now feel the healing energy as it coursed through me, helping spirit to heal every living thing that came across my path. I was hooked and my healing list began to grow. I was told by spirit to leave the Temple at that point and I feared this gift was to be taken from me, but it was not for that reason at all. I had to move on to reach more people through healing, and people then started to come to my home where I had set up a small humble healing sanctuary.

I really loved the work and the improvement shown in peoples’ health was amazing, things were really going well. Then I was hit with another gift from spirit and one I’ve come to share with a few others. It was given to me during meditation and I didn’t really understand it at first but after a few months working with it I finally passed it on as an energy attunement direct from spirit and I have been working with it ever since.

Spiritualhart is my life, and I hope to teach as many as possible about this healing gift we all have in us. I make no claims that humans can cure all ills, but we do present questions. Do all prescribed medications cure?  And what about their side affects? Our natural healing gift is not for us to say don’t take medication, that would be wrong. What we do say is let our healing gifts work in conjunction with orthodox medication. May our healing gifts compliment the scientific world by healing suffering in every living thing.

Healing is also for those who have no hope, when Doctors have nothing left to try where are you supposed to turn?  Our world is full of suffering but it doesn’t have to be. We can all heal, you just need the right information to get started, so that is why Spiritualhart has taken the steps to reach out and teach those who care enough for their families and friends. We can all make a difference to the world we live in, you just need love and an open heart.

This is also why the spirit world has helped me to write three books and create eight cd's so far to help people understand what they have within them, and what they are capable of, because humans are awesome, we just don't all know it yet. 




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