I have been associating myself with energy work since I was twelve years old. This was brought to my attention and awareness by both my Father and my Grandfather who were healer and medium respectively. I never really pursued it as strongly as them until I hit thirty, then things really started to change for me.  Before that it was just a personal and very private hobby but my healing abilities took off at such a speed I barely had time to blink once I pursued it more.  I had to move on with things and so I had my own healing and teaching sanctuary built in order reach more people.

I really love the work and the improvement shown in peoples’ health can be amazing. Spiritualhart has become my life's work, and I hope to teach as many as possible about this healing gift we all have in us. I have also written 4 published books and created eight meditation cd's to help people understand what they are capable of because humans are awesome, we just don't all know it yet. 

I am qualified in many healing modalities which is why I also enjoy passing my knowledge on to others. I also have a qualification in psychology which helps me to understand and communicate better with my patients, especially if they are struggling mentally or emotionally.  



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