In the spiritual realms of the divine spirit and Creator of all

 The Universal equality of all mankind

 The showing of gratitude towards every living thing

 That the spirit lives eternally

 That humanity is spiritually linked

 In giving back to Mother Earth who provides for us

 That all religions should work to the same goals in the name of love

 In the power of prayer

 In spiritual healing for the highest and greatest good for all

 We can evolve spiritually by gaining knowledge from the etheric realms


Spiritualhart aims to -


Bring awareness of the spirit world and dimensions and their teachings to improve the wellbeing of each individual, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically in every aspect of their life

Promote spiritual healing for the greatest and highest good for all

Raise awareness of the need to give back to Mother Earth and to limit the damage done to her

Raise funds to give donations to organisations and support charitable causes.




e-mail – spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk

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