Chakras are seen as the lotus petalled wheels of energy in the subtle body that underlie and have affect on the physical body. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word (ancient Indian language) that literally means wheel, and people who see them describe spinning vortexes of energy. There are seven major chakras and whilst they are not found to be in the physical body their expressions through our emotional and mental states is passed on to our cells and organs, particularly the endocrine glands. These expressions affect our bodies in both positive and negative ways depending on life’s circumstances at any given time. There are also hundreds of other points like chakras that we usually refer to as meridian or acupuncture points that flow mostly over the surface of the body and these too have connections to our organs and flow with energy.

Chakras are like funnels through which we receive and give out the energies that are all around us. When we have a perfectly balanced body it means the chakras are working and flowing in unison with one another. Unfortunately many people do not know this state of health as they don’t realise the blockages that have built up in their subtle body and aura over time. Healing helps to free these chakras from energy blockages so as to put the bodies back in balance.

When a chakra is open, a vortex of energy swirls into the cone like funnel and absorbs itself into the body. The more open and passionate we are to situations, the more open the chakra will be. But if a chakra becomes too open it may just as well be closed for it will be out of balance with the others. Chakra meditations are good to restore these imbalances.

The seven major chakra positions are listed below - 

Base Chakra - Pelvic Area/Coccyx

Sacral Chakra - Just Below The Naval Area

Solar Plexus Chakra - Just Above The Naval Area

Heart Chakra - Centre Of The Chest

Throat Chakra - The Adams Apple Area

Brow Chakra - Middle Of Forehead Just Above The Eyebrows Area

Crown Chakra - Top Of The Head

A chakra meditation or healing session aims to free the chakras from any blockages and bring a balance to the positive energy flows, whilst ridding any negativity.  Meditation requires a relaxed body and mind to achieve these results and there are many different meditations/affirmations that people use.




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