Karmic clearing of a person followed by a full healing £90

Karmic clearing is an amazing process which is quite complex but can be a fantastic experience.  It can feel like an entire psychological problem, something that has been troubling you your whole life, has just disappeared.  You can at times totally forget the old feelings or remember how bad they made you feel, how angry or how victimized.  You can be completely over the issues that effected you so strongly.

We are all caught in old karmic patterns which is just the effect of something that has happened to us, either in this life or in a past one.  Everything that has ever happened to us is permanently held in karmic memory, and can feel as if it is constantly happening so that we are always experiencing it.  For instance, if someone continually kicked you, you would never stop feeling the pain.  The same is with karmic memories, there always there and can keep on hurting you.  These karmic memories stay with you from lifetime to lifetime, and can hinder your well being.

Karmic clearing can actually erase memories as you let go of them, and this helps you to stop feeling their effect so you can get on with your life better.

There is an unconscious process in which your karmic self holds on to many karmic memories. This is stored like data on a computer and it cannot be accessed unless you know the password.  Our karmic data is so deeply embedded in our bio computer that most of us don't even know its there.  Having a karmic clearing is like the delete button on a computer, energetically getting rid of the old programs, patterns and associated energy that hinder us.

A karmic healing session means simply laying down and relaxing for the session which typically lasts about 90 mins.  It is a non invasive treatment but a person may experience visions, remember memories and feel tingling sensations throughout your body.  You may though just simply fall asleep as it is can be very relaxing.  Most people feel lighter and clearer and not relieved of their negative feelings, but in most cases they will become impossible to get in touch with, they simply won't be there anymore.  In the days and weeks after people also experience many welcome changes, as your mind and your life reorganise themselves for the better.

All Karmic clearing releases trauma and unblocks energy so a person can move forward in their life.  Sometimes though this can open a Pandora's box as more and more repressed energy comes to the surface.  This may give you the appearance of going backwards and may be discouraging for awhile, but this is to be expected.  All psychological growth and spiritual evolution creates change, and although it may be a little disturbing its a positive process which will pay off in the end.

With a Karmic clearing you can transform yourself over time into a clear vessel, free of the problems and limitations.


All karmic clearings can be purchased through PAY PAL, payments to - spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk  Credit card payments accepted through Paypal too.

 To book your treatment email spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk






e-mail – spiritualhart1@aol.co.uk 


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