Sin is much more then an act or a deed more then false witness or avarice and greed

More than adultery or killing or stealing sin starts with a thought or an unworthy feeling

It’s something we nurture and then cultivate by conjuring up evils we then imitate

And the longer we dwell on this evil within the greater our urge the desire to sin

So ask God to help you to conquer desire aroused by the thoughts that have set you afire


My Christian maturity needs refinishing and polishing. Prince of peace please help me to accomplish this chore and transform me into an instrument of righteousness.



The priceless gift of life is love for with the help of God above

Love can change the human race and make this world a better place

For love dissolves all hate and fear and makes our vision bright and clear

So we can see and rise above our pettiness on wings of love


Father keep me level headed even when righteous indignation is justified. Let me be understanding and kind and forgiving.



When the storms of life gather darkly ahead

I think of these wonderful words I once read

And I say to myself as threatening clouds hover

Don’t fold up your wings and run for cover

But like the eagle spread wide your wings

And soar far above the trouble life brings

For the eagle knows that the higher he flies

The more tranquil and brighter become the skies

And there is nothing in life God ever asks us to bear

That we can’t soar above on the wings of prayer


Dear God give my prayers the power of the eagle’s wings. Give me the tenacity of an eagle and the courage to ride out the storms of life, to soar above threatening clouds and to locate the shelter that you alone provide.



God widen my vision so I may see the afflictions you have sent to me

Not as a cross to heavy to wear that ways me down in gloomy despair

Not as something to hate and despise but a gift of love sent in disguise

Something to draw me closer to you to teach me patience and forbearance too

Something to show me more clearer the way to serve you and love you more every day

Something priceless and precious and rare that will keep me forever safe in thy care

 Aware of the spiritual strength that is mine when my selfish, small will is lost in thine


My life is filled with problems just as everyone’s life is. I cannot solve all the problems, but with your help almighty God I can learn to manage those problems.



Don’t start your day by supposing that trouble is just ahead

It’s better to stop supposing and start with a prayer instead

And make it a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful things God has wrought

Like the beautiful sunrise and sunset like Gods gifts that are free and not bought

For what is the use of supposing that dire things could happen to you

And worrying about some misfortune that seldom if ever comes true

For supposing the worst things will happen only helps to make them come true

And you darken the bright happy moments that the dear Lord has given to you

So if you desire to be happy and get rid of the misery and dread

Just give up supposing the worst things and look for the best things instead


Today is a new day and I shall meet it with a renewed zest for living and heartfelt thanksgiving to you God, for your bountiful gifts.



 Oh blessed father hear this prayer and keep all of us in your care

You are great, we are so small and when trouble comes, as it does to us all

There’s so little that we can do except to place our trust in you

So place yourself in his loving care and he will gladly help you bear

Whatever lies ahead of you and God will see you safely through

For no earthly pain is ever too much if God bestows his merciful touch


Problems that come my way are not mine to choose father, but the manner in which I react to those problems is my decision.  Help me respond in the right way.



Oh father grant once more to men a simple childlike faith again

Forgetting colour race or creed and seeing only the hearts deep need

For faith alone can save mans soul and lead him to a higher goal

For there’s but one unfailing course we win by faith and not force


Father, teach me to trust you and to increase my faith. Eliminate discrimination from my way of life. Keep me from judging others.



In this restless world of struggles it is very hard to find

Answers to the questions that daily come to mind

We cannot see the future what’s beyond is still unknown

For the secret of Gods kingdom still belongs to him alone

But he granted us salvation when his son was crucified

For life became immortal because the saviour died


Glory and praise to you Lord Jesus. You granted life eternal to me when you were crucified. I pray that I appreciate properly your great sacrifice. Because you live I live also.



What more can we ask of the saviour

then to know we are never alone

That his mercy and love are unfailing

And he makes all our problems his own


Merciful saviour, thank you for walking and talking to me and for sharing my problems. Its important for me to express thanks to you Lord, because gratitude is best when expressed.



The more you give the more you get

The more you laugh the less you fret

The more of everything you share

The more you’ll always have to spare

The more you love the more you’ll find

That life is good and friends are kind

For only what we give away

Enriches us from day today


Compassionate father help me put away my selfish thoughts and be more like you. I need you God every day.



Among the great and glorious gifts our heavenly father sends

Is the gift of understanding that we find in loving friends

For in this world of trouble that is filled with anxious care

Everybody needs a friend in whom they’re free to share

So when we need some sympathy or a friendly hand to touch

Or an ear that listens tenderly and speaks words that mean so much

We seek our true and trusted friend in the knowledge that we’ll find

A heart that sympathetic and an understanding mind


Father, develop within me the qualities necessary for being a good and true friend. Teach me to be considerate and to take time to be a good listener when attentive listening is needed.



Often we pause and wonder when we kneel down to pray

Can God really hear the prayers that we say

But if we keep on praying and talking to him

He’ll brighten our soul that was clouded and dim

And as we continue our burden seems lighter

Our sorrow is softened and our outlook is brighter

For though we feel helpless and alone when we start

Our prayer is the key that opens the heart


Dear Lord your hands are gentle yet strong. Help me to place my life in your hands every day.



Just close your eyes and open your heart

And feel your worries and cares depart

Just yield yourself to the father above

And let him hold you secure in his love

So when you are tired discouraged and blue

There’s always one door that is open to you

That is the door to the house of prayer

And you’ll find God waiting to meet you there


Enter often into the house of prayer. Wherever its location is for you, be assured that God will be waiting for you.



Jesus loves me this I know for the bible tells me so

Little children ask no more for love is all they’re looking for

And in a small child’s shining eyes the faith of all ages lies

For faith in all things we cannot see requires a child’s simplicity

And with a small child’s trusting eyes may all men come to realize

The faith alone can save a mans soul and lead him to a higher goal


Master you taught that fancy words, a big vocabulary, power and wealth are not necessary to reach the highest goal.  What is needed is a true, sincere and childlike faith. Grant that kind of faith to me.



Sometimes when a light goes out of our life

And we are left in darkness and do not know which way to go

We must put our hand into the hand of God

And ask him to lead us and if we let our life become a prayer

Until we are strong enough to stand under the weight

Of our own thoughts again somehow even the most difficult

Hours are bearable


My dear God let my finest hours be the ones I share with you. If a prayer is a reverent and devout petition, a supplication or an expression of gratitude offered to you God, then permit my life to be one long continuous prayer.



Friendship is a golden chain the links are friends so dear

And like a rare and precious jewel it’s treasured more each year

It’s clasped together firmly with a love that’s deep and true

And it’s rich with happy memories and fond recollections too

Time can’t destroy its beauty for as long as memory lives

Years can’t erase the pleasure that the joy of friendship gives

For friendship is a priceless gift that can’t be bought or sold

But to have an understanding friend is worth far more gold

And the golden chain of friendship is a strong and blessed tie

Binding kindred hearts together as the years go passing by


Thank you God, for sending friendship into the world. True friendship finds its foundation  in the parable of the good Samaritan, the sermon on the mount and the golden rule.



Thank you God for everything the big things and the small

For every good gift comes from God the giver of them all

And all too often we accept without any thanks or praise

The gifts God sends as blessings each day in many ways

And thank you for the miracles we are too blind to see

Lord, give us new awareness of our many gifts from thee

And help us to remember that the key to life and living

Is to make each prayer a prayer of thanks and every day thanksgiving


Every good gift comes from you father, and I am cognizant of that fact. Grant that I never forget it and that I offer to you appropriate gratitude for the abundance of you gifts, seen and unseen.



Your hearts are filled with happiness so great and overflowing

You cannot comprehend it for it’s far beyond all knowing

You wish that you could capture it and never let it go

So you might walk forever in its radiant magic glow

But love in all its ecstasy is such a fragile thing

Like gossamer in cloudless skies or a humming birds small wing

But love that lasts forever must be made of something strong

The kind of strength that’s gathered when the heart can hear no song


Marrying does not a marriage make. It takes loving, caring, forgiving, sacrificing and always the sharing of the home with you, God, as the unseen but welcome guest at each meal and as the silent listener to every conversation.



God did not promise sun without rain light without darkness, or joy without pain

He only promised us strength for the day when the darkness comes and we lose our way

For only through sorrow do we grow more aware that God is our refuge in times of despair

For when we are happy and life’s bright and fair we often forget to kneel down in prayer

But God seems much closer and needed much more when trouble and sorrow stand outside our door

For then we seek shelter in his wondrous love and we ask him to send us help from above

And that is the reason we know it is true that bright shining hours and dark sad ones too

Are part of the plan God made for each one and all we can pray is “Thy will be done”


You really do know what is best for me. Often I cannot see things your way but don’t give up on me Lord.  Stay with me and finish moulding me as you see fit.



More than hearts can imagine or minds comprehend

God’s bountiful gifts are ours without end

We reach for a sunbeam but the sun still abides

We draw one short breath but there’s air on all sides

Whatever we ask for fails short of Gods giving

For his greatness exceeds every facet of living

For God has a storehouse just filled to the brim

With all that man needs if we’ll only ask him


My cup runneth over and yet you continue to send more blessings my way. Thank you for your generosity God.



Thank you God for the beauty around me everywhere

The gentle rain and glistening dew the sunshine and the air

The joyous gift of feeling the soul’s soft whispering voice

That speaks to me from deep within and makes my heart rejoice


My loving creator nature is the living but silent language that you have given to us creatures here on earth. The early purple crocus breaking through the late white blanket of snow and all other examples of your handiwork in nature, declare silently but positively, God is here.



If friends disappoint you and plans go astray

And nothing works out in just the right way

And you feel you have failed in achieving your goal

And that life wrongly placed you in an unfitting role

Take heart and stand tall and think who you are

For God is your father and no one can bar

Or keep you from reaching your desired success

Or withhold the joy that is yours to possess

But first seek his kingdom and you will possess

The world’s greatest riches which is true happiness


Lord if I have wisdom, I also have you. If you are with me and I continue to seek his kingdom, my wisdom has served me well, for true happiness will be mine.



If we send no ships out no ships will come in

And unless there’s a contest nobody can win

For games can’t be won unless they are played

And prayers can’t be answered unless they are prayed

So whatever is wrong with your life today

You’ll find a solution if you just kneel down and pray

But pray for a purpose to make life worth living

And pray for the joy of unselfish giving

For great is your gladness and rich your reward

When you make life’s purpose the choice of the Lord


Father when trials, temptations and disappointments come my way, let me view them as opportunities to develop endurance as I train for the game of life.



The silent stars in timeless skies the wonderment in children’s eyes

The autumn haze, the breath of spring the chirping song the crickets sing

A rosebud in a slender vase are all reflections of Gods face


God if I just have the ability to see and the wisdom to comprehend, I can find you everywhere.



Death is just another step along life’s changing way

No more then just a gateway to a new and better day

And parting from our loved ones is much easier to bear

When we know they are waiting for us to join them there

For it is on the wings of death that the living soul takes flight

Into the promised land of God where there shall be no night


Today I am feeling a sense of sorrow, a feeling of loss. Yet I take real delight and satisfaction in recalling the wonderful memories of the times I shared with my loved one. Jesus I know the two of you will enjoy good times in eternity together.



Gods love endureth forever what a wonderful thing to know

When the tides of life run against you and your spirit is downcast and low

Gods kindness is ever around you always ready to freely impart

Strength to your faltering spirit cheer to your lonely heart

Gods presence is ever beside you as near as the reach of your hand

You have but to tell him your troubles there is nothing he won’t understand

So wait with a heart that is patient for the goodness of God to prevail

For never do prayers go unanswered and his mercy and love never fail


Dear God I sense your presence around me, yet I feel so all alone. Help me to overcome these feelings of being deserted.



He sent his son to live on earth and to walk with sinful men

And the problems that confront us are the same today as then

For vice and crime and evil prevailed in Rome and Greece

And power driven demagogues incited war not peace

Depraved, debauched and dissolute men lusted after pleasure

They knew no God but power and gold was their only treasure

 So let no one mislead you with that hackneyed little phrase

That there’s a many century gap between God and modern days

For God knows that we are headed for the same grim, terrible fate

Unless man is awakened before the hours too late


 Jesus in the past you died for us. In these present times you live for us and you encourage us. In the future you will call for us.  You are a saviour for all times.



For there are certain periods when the soul is sweetly sad

As it contemplates the mystery of both good times and bad

We’re really not discontented and we are never unaware

That the good Lord up in heaven has us always in his care

But the soul of man is restless and it just keeps longing for

A haven that is safe and sure that will last forever more

And as I sit here writing this a thought passed through my mind

Why dwell on your past or future  or what’s ahead or gone behind

 Just follow God unquestioningly  because you love him so

For if you trust his judgement there is nothing you need know


Keep my faith strong God, even though I cannot always see a visible sign of you at work. I do believe you are working and watching every minute of every day.



Nothing is ever to hard to do if your faith is strong and your purpose is true

So never give up and never stop just journey on to the mountain top


Holy Spirit, be with me when I walk the valleys and the mountains of my life. Let me rejoice over heights climbed and depths conquered.



No problem is too intricate and no sorrow that we face

Is too deep and devastating to be softened by his grace

No trials and tribulations are beyond what we can bear

If we share them with our father as we talk to him in prayer

God asks for no credentials he accepts us with our flaws

He is kind and understanding and he welcomes us because

We are his erring children and he loves us every one

And he freely and completely forgives all we have done

Asking only if we are ready to follow where he leads

Content that in his wisdom he will answer all our needs


Dear God I am reaching for you, with all sincerity I want to follow you.



Why things happen as they do we do not always know

And we cannot always fathom why our spirits sink so low

We flounder in our dark distress we are wavering and unstable

But when we’re most inadequate the Lord Gods always able

And all that is required of us whenever things go wrong

Is to trust God implicitly with a faith that’s deep and strong

So remember there’s no cloud to dark for Gods light to penetrate

If we keep on believing and have faith enough to wait


When I am the weakest Lord you are the strongest force on which I can depend. Remind me to call upon you more often then I do.  I cannot get myself through the storms, but you can.



When the way seems long and the day is dark

And we can’t hear the song of the thrush or the lark

And our hearts are heavy with worry and care

And we are lost in the depths of despair

That is the time when faith alone

Can lead us out of the dark unknown

For all we really ever need is faith as a grain of mustard seed

For all God asks is “Do you believe?” and if you do, ye shall receive


Permit my faith to take root and continue to grow.



I’m looking out the window and the day is drab and dreary

And I’m trying to console myself by thinking something cheery

I know it’s simply horrible to get in such a slump

And I also know it’s up to me to get across this hump

But I know that all the dark days are just part of Gods plan

We should accept then graciously and do the best we can

So I’ll just keep on trying for I know its gospel true

There never was a cloud so dark the sun could not shine through


Mender of broken dreams are you aware of the tears that I shed? Father I know that you love and care about each bird and each lily in the field. Please do the same for me, love me and care for me.      

        LOOK UP          

It’s easy to grow downhearted when nothing goes your way

It’s easy to be discouraged when you have a troublesome day

But trouble is only a challenge to spur you on to achieve

The best that God has to offer if you have faith to believe


Heavenly father help me to minimize my problems and maximize my blessings. Develop within me a “What can I do for you?” attitude rather then a “What’s in it for me?” outlook.  Stop me from being a fault finder, make me a problem solver.



Hear me blessed Jesus as I say my prayers today

And tell me you are close to me and you’ll never go away

And tell me that you love me like the bible says you do

And tell me also Jesus I can always come to you

And you will understand me when other people don’t

And though some may forget me just tell me that you won’t

And Jesus, stay real close to me at home and school and play

For I will feel much braver if you’re never far away

And someday when I’m older I will show you it is true

That even as a little child my heart belonged to you


Tender and gentle shepherd hold me in your arms, carry me when I have lost my way. Guide me to the path that leads to you.



I am the way so just follow me

Though the way be rough and you cannot see

I am the truth which all men seek

So heed not false prophets nor the words that they speak

I am the life and I hold the key

That opens the door to eternity

And in this dark world I am the light

To the promised land where there is no night


Jesus you are the light of the world. Let a little of your radiance shine on me so that I can be a beacon of light to a weary and lost traveller on his road of life.


            LIFES AUTUMN               

Why am I cast down and despondently sad

When I long to be happy and joyous and glad

And then with God’s help it all became clear

The soul has its seasons just the same as the year

I too must pass through life’s autumn of dying

A desolate period of heart, hurt and crying

Bounteous seasons and barren ones too

Times for rejoicing and times to be blue

But I’m content in the knowledge that autumn time sadness

Will surely be followed by a springtime of gladness


Father your plan calls for the year to have seasons, and so too my life. Help me to enjoy the gifts, the blessings, the modifications that come with each year of my life.



When you’re troubled and worried and sick at heart

And your plans are upset and your world falls apart

Remember Gods ready and waiting to share

The burden you find much too heavy to bear

So with faith let go and let God lead the way

Into a brighter and less troubled day

For God has a plan for everyone

If we learn to pray thy will be done



When dark days come and they come to us all

We feel so helpless and lost and small

And when the darkness shuts out the light

We must lean on faith to restore our sight

For there is nothing that we need to know

If we have faith that wherever we go

God will be there to help us bear

Our disappointments pain and care


Loving shepherd please hold this lamb in your arms with tender security and keep me close to your heart.



Our father up in heaven hear this fervent prayer

May the people of all nations be united in thy care

For earths peace and mans salvation can come only by thy grace

And not through bombs and missiles and our quest for outer space

We have come to trust completely in the power of man made things

Unmindful of Gods mighty power and that he is king of kings

We have turned our eyes away from him to go our selfish way

And money, power and pleasure are the Gods we serve today

Oh father up in heaven stir and wake our sleeping souls

Renew our faith and lift us up and give us higher goals


King of king’s help our nation to see that what each citizen must do is place his trust in God, as did our forefathers.



Happiness is something that is never far away

It’s as close as the things we do and we say

So start out today with a smile on your face

And make this world a happier place


Support me Lord, so that I know when to speak to encourage someone and when to remain silent.



Cling to your standards and fight the good fight

Take a firm stand for things that are right

And let nothing sway you or turn you away

From Gods old commandments they are still new today


Loving saviour when temptations come my way be with me as I reflect upon how you handled your temptations. With sincere interest and purpose of mind encourage me to ask, “What would Jesus do in this situation”?



The stairway rises heaven high the steps are dark and steep

In weariness we climb them as we stumble, fall and weep

And many times we falter along the path of prayer

Wondering if you hear us and if you really care

Oh give us some assurance restore our faith anew

So we can keep on climbing the stairs of prayer to you

For we are weak and wavering uncertain and unsure

And only meeting you in prayer can help us to endure

All life’s trials and troubles it’s sickness, pain and sorrow

And give us strength and courage to face and meet tomorrow


With each step I climb closer to you Lord. Help me to remember that if I concentrate on the regrets and sorrows of yesterday and dwell on the worries of tomorrow, I have no energy left to be thankful for today.



In a myriad of miraculous ways God shapes our lives and changes our days

Beyond our will or even knowing God keeps our spirit ever growing

For lights and shadows, sun and rain sadness and gladness, joy and pain

Combine to make our lives complete and give us victory through defeat

Oh Lord divine all love excelling in troubled hearts you just keep dwelling

Patiently waiting for a prodigal son to say at last, “Thy will be done”


Lord shape me, change me, keep my spirit growing through the sharing of your love divine, all love excelling.



God gives us a power we seldom employ for we are so unaware it is filled with such joy

And the gift that God gives us is anticipation which we can fulfil with sincere expectation

For there’s power in belief when we think we will find joy for the heart and sweet peace for the mind

Just believing the day will bring a surprise is not only pleasant but surprisingly wise

For we open the door to let joy walk through when we learn to expect the best and most too

And believing we’ll find a happy surprise makes reality out of a fancied surmise

Today is a gift from you God.  Permit me to use it to the fullest, for by midnight tonight it will be gone forever.



Often during a busy day I pause for a minute to silently pray, I mention the names0f those I love and treasured friends I am fondest of

For it doesn’t matter where we pray, if we honestly mean the words that we say

For God is always listening to hear, the prayers that are made by a heart that’s sincere


Loving God bless all my friends today and bless those who are not yet my friends. In other words God bless us one and all.



If I never grew weary with the weight of my load

Would I search for Gods peace at the end of the road

If I never knew sickness and never felt pain

Would I reach for a hand to help and sustain

If I walked not with sorrow and lived without loss

Would my soul seek sweet solace at the foot of the cross

I ask myself this and the answer is plain

If my life were all pleasure and I never knew pain

I’d seek God less often and need him much less

For Gods sought more often in times of distress


My burdens, my heartaches, my sorrows are all lifted and lightened by you dear God. You listen whenever I complain and I complain often. Would I find time to speak with you if I had no burdens, heartaches or sorrows?  I hope so.



Silently the green leaves grow in silence falls the soft white snow

Silently the flowers bloom in silence sunshine fills a room

Silently bright stars appear in silence velvet night draws near

And silently God enters in to free a troubled heart from sin

For God works silently in lives for nothing spiritual survives

Amid the din of a noisy street were raucous crowds with hurrying feet

And blinded eyes, and deafened ear are never privileged to hear

The message God wants to impart to every troubled, weary heart

For only in a quiet place can man behold God face to face


Improve my senses Lord, so that I can appreciate the wonders of your creation.



Sometimes we feel uncertain and unsure of everything

Afraid to make decisions dreading what the day will bring

God has given us the answers which too often go unheeded

But if we search his promises we’ll find everything that’s needed

So cast your burden on him seek his counsel when distressed

And go to him for comfort when you’re lonely and oppressed

For God is our encouragement in trouble and in trials

And in suffering and in sorrow he will turn our tears to smiles


Encourage me Father, as I strive to overcome these pangs of loneliness. Show me that a frown is really a smile turned upside down and then soothe me and help to alter my expression.



When we are confirmed in the faith of the Lord our greatest possession and richest reward

Is knowing that now we are heralds of the king ready his praises and glory to sing

Confirmed in the faith and upheld by his hand eager to follow his smallest command

 Secure in the knowledge that though now and then we’re guilty of sins that are common to men

He freely forgives and understands too and there’s nothing, no nothing that God cannot do


Confirm my faith in you Lord, and let me dedicate my life to you and to the following of your commandments.



When we are deeply disturbed with problems and our minds are filled with doubt

And we struggle to find a solution but there seems no way out

And finally exhausted and weary discouraged downcast and low

With no foreseeable answer and with no other place to go

 We kneel down in sheer desperation and slowly and stumblingly pray

Then impatiently wait for an answer which we fully expect straight away

And then, when God does not answer in one sudden instant we say

God does not seem to be listening so why should we bother to pray

But God can’t get through to the anxious who are much to impatient to wait

You have to believe in Gods promise that he comes not to soon or to late


Father, help me to eliminate my anxious prayers by having faith in you. For if I trust in you I shall not worry, and if I worry I am not trusting in you.



Everything in life is passing and whatever we possess

Cannot endure forever but ends in nothingness

So all that man acquires be it power, fame or jewels

Is but limited and earthly only treasure made for fools

For only in Gods kingdom can man find enduring treasure

Priceless gifts of love and beauty more than mortal man can measure

And the riches he accumulates he can keep and part with never

For only in Gods kingdom do our treasure’s last forever

So use the word forever with sanctity and love

For nothing is forever but the love of God above


Dear God may I always recognize the true value of the greatest gift in this world or the next, your eternal love for me.



Into our lives come any things to break and dull routine

The things we had not planned on that happen unforeseen

The unexpected little joys that are scattered on our way

Success we did not count on or a rare fulfilling day

The unplanned sudden meeting that comes with sweet surprise

And lights the heart with happiness like a rainbow in the skies

Now some folks call it fickle fate and some folks call it chance

While others just accept it as a pleasant happenstance

But no matter what you call it,  it didn’t come without design

For all our lives are fashioned by the hand that is divine


Dear God help me use properly the gifts you have given me. May I always remember that it is not the person with the greatest talent who succeeds, but rather the individual who keeps the faith and extends his or her talent to its greatest capacity.



We watch the rich and famous bedecked in precious jewels

Enjoying earthly pleasures defying moral rules

And in our mood of discontent we sink into despair

And long for earthly riches and feel cheated of our share

But stop these idle musings God has stored up for you

Treasures that are far beyond earths jewels and riches too

For never, never discount what God has promised man

If he will walk in meekness and accept Gods flawless plan

For if we heed his teachings as we journey through the years

We’ll find the richest of jewels of all are crystallized from tears


Give me honesty to be myself. Holy spirit stay with me.  May I never pretend to be someone or something other then what and who I am.



Is it measured words that are memorized, forcefully said and dramatized

Offered with pomp and arrogant pride, in words unmatched to the feelings inside

No, prayer is so often just words unspoken, whispered in tears by a heart that is broken

For God is already deeply aware, of the burdens we find too heavy to bear

And all we need do is seek him in prayer, and without a word he will help us bear

Our trials and troubles our sickness and sorrow, and show us the way to a brighter tomorrow

There’s no need at all for impressive prayer, for the minute we seek God he is already there


I want to talk with you God but so do so many others. How can you listen to all of us at one time? Somehow you find a way. As I wait for your answer I find my burdens lifted. Thank you for listening.



Bless me heavenly father forgive my erring ways

Grant me strength to serve thee put purpose in my days

Give me understanding enough to make me kind

So I may judge all people with my heart and not my mind

 And teach me to be patient in everything I do

Content to trust your wisdom and follow after you

 And help me when I falter and hear me when I pray

And receive me in your kingdom to dwell with you some day


Father help me know the purpose you have in mind for me alone to fulfil and then give me the strength to accomplish it.



You’ll find when you smile your day will be brighter

And all of your burdens will seem so much lighter

For each time you smile you will find it’s true somebody, somewhere will smile back at you

And nothing on earth can make life more worthwhile

Then the sunshine and warmth of a beautiful smile


Dear God I feel so generous, I want to give a smile away each and every day that I live. Especially, I want to share the smiles with those folk who don’t seem to have any of their own. Smiling is a study in arithmetic by dividing one smile between two person’s, you subtract tension and add some joy. Usually the original smile has been multiplied.



Amid stresses and strains much too many to mention

And pressure packed days filled with turmoil and tension

We seldom have time to be friendly or kind

For we’re harassed and hurried and always behind

And while we’ve more gadgets and buttons to press

Making leisure hours greater and labouring hours less

What does it matter if man reaches his goal

And gains the whole world but loses his soul

For what have we won if in gaining this end

We’ve been much too busy to be kind to a friend


What can I do today to show kindness to a friend? Make a telephone call to someone who is lonely? Send a note to someone who is ill? Visit an elderly person? Direct my path Lord. Where you lead I shall try to follow.



Thank you God for the little things that often come our way

The things we take for granted but don’t mention when we pray

 The unexpected courtesy the thoughtful kindly deed

A hand reached out to help us in the time of sudden need

 Oh make us more aware dear God of little daily graces

With sweet surprise from never dreamed of places


Comforter of all develop courtesy within me. Forgive me for the times I failed to act when an opportunity to help someone presented itself. Inspire me to recognize these opportunities to be of assistance.



In this troubled world it’s refreshing to find

Someone who has still the time to be kind

 Someone who still has the faith to believe

That the more you give the more you receive

Someone who’s ready by thought, word or deed

To reach out a hand in the hour of need


Father, place within me the ability and desire to extend my hand willingly and frequently to others. Encourage me to stop and visit with the lonely, to sit and listen to the discouraged, to offer a smile to the sad and to create a little more warmth in this cold world, wherever I may be.



“I have no faith”, the sceptic cries

“I can only accept what I see with my eyes”

Yet man has to have faith or he would never complete

Just a simple task like crossing the street

For he has to have faith in his manly stride

To get him across to the other side

And the world would be panic stricken indeed

If no one thought that he could succeed

In doing the smallest, simplest thing

That life with its many demands can bring

So why do the sceptics still ridicule

And call the man of faith a fool

When faith is the basis of all that we do

And that includes unbelievers too


Holy Spirit, whether I cross the street or cross from life to death, keep my faith alive and stay with me.



How little we know what God has in store

As daily he blesses our lives more and more

I’ve lived many years and learned many things

But today I have grown new spiritual wings

For pain has a way of broadening our view

And bringing us closer in sympathy too

To those who are living in constant pain

And trying somehow to bravely sustain

The faith and endurance to keep on trying

When they’d almost welcome the peace of dying

And without this experience I would have lived and died

Without fathoming the pain of Christ crucified

For none of us know what pains all about

Until our spiritual wings start to sprout

So thank you God for the gift you sent

To teach me that pain is heaven sent


My understanding Lord, permit my love for you to mount to the heights that only eagles fly. May it continue to soar with the strength of an eagle.



In this world of new concepts it has often been said

Why heed the commandments of a God who is dead

 And yet this dead God still holds in his hand

The star studded sky the sea and the land

 And with perfect precision the old earth keeps spinning

As flawlessly accurate as in the beginning

 So do not be deceived by the new Pharisees

Who boast man has only his own self to please

 And what though man gain the whole world and its pleasures

If he loses his soul and eternity’s treasures


Father help me to keep my priorities in proper order. Assist me in keeping your commandments and let me love you with my whole heart and let me love my neighbour as myself. God you are very much alive in the world today.



Prayers are the stairs we must climb every day

If we would reach God there is no other way

 For we learn to know God when we meet him in prayer

And ask him to lighten our burden of care

 So start in the morning and though the ways steep

Climb ever upward til your eyes close in sleep

 For prayers are the stairs that lead to the Lord

And to meet him in prayer is the climbers reward


God help me to remember that I am special in your sight, that you care about me and that you are watching as I climb the stairs to reach you.



Thanksgiving is more than a day in November

That students of history are taught to remember

 For while we still offer the traditional prayer

We pray out of habit without being aware

 That pilgrims thanked God just for being alive

For the strength that he gave them to endure and survive

 Oh teach us dear God we are all pilgrims still

Subject alone to your guidance and will

 And show us the way to purposeful living

So we may have reason for daily thanksgiving


Father, deepen my appreciation of our country and its gifts and let me never forget the source of those gifts and the origin of our spiritual faith.



Be glad that you’ve walked

In sunshine and rain

Be glad hat you’ve felt

Both pleasure and pain

Be glad for the comfort

You’ve found in prayer

Be glad for Gods blessings

His love and his care


Father, keep me ever grateful for the trials and the joys that you send my way.  I need the rain to appreciate fully the sunshine in my life.



You ask me how I know it’s true, that there is a living God

A God who rules the universe, the sky, the sea, the sod

A God who holds all creatures, in the hollow of his hand

A God who put infinity, in one tiny grain of sand

A God who hangs the sun out, slowly with the break of day

And gently takes the stars in, and puts the night away

What better answers are their, to prove his holy being

Then the wonders all around us, that are ours just for the seeing


Creator of the universe I marvel at your power and glory. The wonders of your mighty handiwork are beyond description. Thank you for sharing your work with me.



On life’s bust thoroughfares, we meet with angels unawares

But we are too busy to listen or hear, to busy to sense that God is near

To busy to stop and recognize, the grief that lies in another’s eyes

Too busy to offer to help or share, to busy to sympathize or care

To busy to do the good things we should, telling ourselves we would if we could

But life is too swift and the pace is too great, and we dare not pause for we might be late

And we tell ourselves there will come a day, we will have more time to pause on our way

But before we know it life’s sun has set, and we’ve passed the saviour but never met

For hurrying alone life’s thoroughfare, we passed him and remained unaware

That within the very sight of our eye, unnoticed the son of God passed by


My living and loving saviour please help me to really know people and to recognize you in them.



I’m way down here, you’re way up there

Are you sure you can hear, my faint faltering prayer

For I’m so unsure, of just how to pray

To tell you the truth God, I don’t know what to say

I just know I am lonely, and vaguely disturbed

Bewildered and restless, confused and perturbed

And they tell me prayer, helps to quiet the mind

And unburden the heart, for in stillness we find

A newborn assurance, that someone does care

And someone does answer, each small sincere prayer


Do you hear me God? Do you really listen when I pray? Yes I believe you do, I can sense your presence even now.





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