Alligator people do not pass judgement until all the facts have been examined and all sides have been seen in any situation. It could be time for you to drop opinions and judgements so a present issue can be understood. Gator asks you to digest the situation and information available before making any rash decisions. You may be dealing with someone who is too serious or rigid so you may need to be flexible, knowing that you are expanding beyond your former limits, even if others are sinking in their self created quick sand.

Have you rushed through life and forgot to count your victories or to take in your rites of passage? It may be time to honour your progress ever mindful that quick fix solutions do not support your long time goals. 

Gator is telling you that something may have escaped your perception. You need to ask yourself what did not get factored into your assessment? Did that missing piece of the puzzle stop you from having an accurate overview of what is now happening? If it is then it is never too late to re-evaluate a situation from another point of view. Gator integrates all probabilities before it makes its move.


Ant says that you eat slowly and deliberately, and that you are content in your self knowing that what is yours will eventually come to you. Knowing this is good and shows huge trust in the universe to provide you.

Ant says maybe its time to pay a little more trust and patience in a life situation? Do not forget that you will always receive what you need especially when you need it most. If it doesn’t seem like it’s on the horizon then you may need to use some strategy. How can you put your powers of creation to use until “it” arrives, whatever “it” means to you at this point in time?

Ant works for the good of the whole thing, do you? If you do then rest assured the same goodness will be provided.


If you are feeling a bit balled up and twisted in knots Antelopes powers will speak to you and show you the proper way to act to help free yourself. Antelope whispers to you so listen and act on the wisdom given to you so you can illuminate yourself with Antelopes secret knowledge. Do this and you can overcome all obstacles and hindrances on your path.

You need to say what should be said as your judgement is sound and clear and your actions are successful. Always listen to what Antelope has to say though as you have a higher purpose.

Antelope brings you a bow of authority and wishes you to act on yourself, family, clan, nation and Mother Earth. Antelope speaks, “Do it now, wait no longer”, as Antelope knows as well as you do. 

Take a leap with courage your sense of timing is perfect. Antelope says the time is now and the power is yours. 



Armadillo wants you to define your space as you may have been too willing to let your environment become overcrowded. You may have a problem saying no to people even when you know it’s going to inconvenience you, just to be obliging. Maybe its time its time to ask yourself a few questions –

1. Am I giving myself the time I need for my own pleasure?

2. Are people treating me like a doormat?

3. Why am I getting upset when I know I'm being taken for granted?

4. Why is it that I am a “Yes” person?

The answers to these questions are because of boundaries, what you will or wont do, what’s uncomfortable and what’s comfortable. How you react to circumstances has to do with your ability to be objective. You cannot be objective if you cannot tell where someone’s personality stops and where yours starts. If you don’t have boundaries you become a sponge and absorb everyone’s feelings and problems as your own. 

Are you really depressed or is it just that someone you’re talking to is? Let Armadillo’s armour cut in between and give you back your sense of self.



Badger says you are quick to express your feelings and do not care about the consequences. Badger people like to carry the ball but this does not always make them a favourite of the team. Badger is persistent and will have the courage to utilise unconventional means. 

Badger people sometimes come across like they have a chip on their shoulder and can be ferocious gossips if unbalanced. Badgers are aggressive enough to make it to the top because they will never give up. They are also great healers and will utilise any method necessary and will never give up on the critically ill.

Badgers are usually the boss and feared, but they will get the job done and are a source of strength. Badger maybe telling you that you are being to meek in your goals, how long are you going to sit there waiting before doing? The key is to do something about it, not with anger but with creativity.

Be aggressive but don’t chop others down, just utilise your anger and frustration to stop you moping around and drag yourself out the doldrums to improve yourself. Use the Badgers abilities to push on in life and remove barriers, express yourself.  


Bat appears and symbolises the need for ritualistic death in some way of life that no longer suits your pathway. This means that you should let go of those old habits and of assuming your place in life that prepares you for rebirth or initiation. 

Bat always signals the rebirth or death of old patterns. You cannot resist your destiny and it can be long and drawn out, painful even. 

The universe just wants you to grow and become your future.


Bear brings you the power of introspection and seeks the honey or the sweetness of truth. To accomplish our goals and dreams we must use the art of introspection.

To be like Bear you must enter the safety of the womb/cave to attune yourself to the energies of the Eternal Mother to receive nourishment from the placenta of the great void. The great void is where your solutions and answers live in harmony with all the questions that fill our realities. If we accept that there are many questions to life, we must also accept that the answers to these questions lie within us. 

Every being has the capacity to still the mind, just enter the silence and know.


Beaver wants you to understand the power of working and reaching your sense of achievement. When building dreams teamwork is necessary, to achieve goals with others means working with the group mind, for harmony and of the highest order without ego’s getting in the way. Individuals should respect the talents and abilities of others to get the job in hand done. Working well with others brings a sense of community and unity to achieve goals.

Beaver asks you to put your plans into action or to complete something that has been discarded. You may also need to settle some differences with friends or colleagues. Beaver wants you to look for the alternative solutions to the challenges in your life and to protect what you create and put your love and energy into. 

Beaver also wants you to watch your back, trusting is okay but caution to the wise, use your discernment and all will be well.  


The Black Panther is telling you to stop worrying about the future. Trust that you are not supposed to mentally figure it out at this time. Maybe you need to confront your fears of the unknown, of being less then you truly are or an inability to simply just be.

You need to let go of fears that create obstacles or barriers. Try to embrace the unknown and flow with the mystery that is unfolding in your life. The next step may be jumping empty handed into the void with ultimate trust?

In the stillness of the void find the will to avoid silly interruptions, going deeper into your own self discovery and healing process. Here you will discover Black Panthers unexpected blessings.


The Blue Heron is pushing you to dive into your feelings and find your truth as you need to know yourself in a more intimate way. If you keep looking at yourself with narrow vision you will only see low self worth and self pity which will stop you from knowing your true potential masking any opportunities that appear.

Heron wants you to examine yourself and see where you can improve and change. If you get stuck on yourself it may be that you are being too hard or over critical. Pointing the finger and blaming others instead of taking responsibility for your actions shows you lack the strength to face the enemy within you. 

Heron people must look at themselves and see the truth of their motives, feelings, actions, dreams, strengths and weaknesses and balance them. See your weaknesses and find the inner strength to make your certainty of purpose.

Delve deep into yourself and find your spiritual essence, know and trust your path. The brilliance of your spirit lies in wait for you. Discover if you are brave enough to follow the Heron through the journey and know that every traveller on this journey is a messenger, and every destination is the start of a new life cycle. 


Buffalo asks you to use the power and energy of prayer, and you may be called upon to be an instrument of someone else’s answer to a prayer. This brings about an appreciation of every walk of life, to honour another's path even if it brings you sadness, this is a part of the message Buffalo brings. This could bring an understanding to the meaning of life and the value of peace. Mostly this time will bring serenity amongst the chaos if you take the time to pray for enlightenment and calmness and give your praise for the gifts you have.

Buffalo tells you that you accomplish nothing without the Great Spirits help and that you must be humble enough to ask for it, and be truly grateful for what you receive.


Butterfly wants you to see your place in the cycle of transformation, as like the Butterfly you are always at a certain stage in life. The egg stage is the beginning of things the stage were an idea is born, but has not yet come to reality. The larvae stage is were you decide to create the idea in the real world and the cocoon stage involves going within – doing or developing your project, idea or aspect of personality. The end stage is transformation, the leaving of the chrysalis and birth. This step is sharing the joy of your creation.

This is the never ending cycle of transformation and were you should ask yourself –

1. Is this just a thought or idea – egg stage.

2. Do I need to make decisions – Larvae stage.

3. Am I developing something that can become reality – cocoon stage.

4. Am I sharing my completed idea with others – birth stage

Ask yourself these questions and find how butterfly is relating to you at this moment. When you know where you are it can help you to know what to do next in the cycle of transformation.   


Coyote wants you to ask yourself “what am I really doing and why”? Are you kidding yourself or trying to fool your foe? Who’s trying to trick you or do you want to pull a prank? Take a look at yourself, when was the last time you did something that was crazy and fun?

Maybe though, you are not aware of your own foolish path? Maybe you have fooled everyone including yourself into thinking you know what you are doing? Coyote wants you to realise that you are caught up in your own machinations. All you are doing is creating a huge trick. Look at yourself properly and see through the genius of self sabotage. Find it amusing and laugh at the trickster you are.

If you can’t laugh at yourself and your antics you have already lost the game. Coyote always comes around when things get to serious, bringing laughter and joking so that new viewpoints may be assumed.

Coyote helps you add fun to a party or to escape a death grip conversation with ease. Look at the positive side of nosey vindictive sabotaging questions about your private life, and let the gossipers know you have just come back from Dubai in your new Lear jet.


The Crow is asking you to take a pause and reflect on how you perceive the laws of the Great Spirit in relation to the laws of human existence. Crow signifies the knowledge of a higher order of right and wrong then that indicated by the laws created in the human culture. Crow helps you to talk in powerful tones when addressing issues that seem out of order for you, out of balance or unjust.

Crow sees the world with one eye first, then the other, cross-eyed. The Mayan culture says cross-eyes have the gift of seeing into the future. Your fears must be set aside for you must “caw” the shots as you see them in this and stand out in the wilderness.

You must learn to allow your personal integrity to guide you and your lonesome feelings will disappear. This will aid your personal will to come forth so that you can stand in your truth. The true Crow person is to be mindful of your actions and opinions. Be willing to walk your talk and speak your truths, know your mission in life and balance the past, present and future in the now. 


The Deer teaches us the power of gentleness so we can touch the hearts and minds of wounded beings who are trying to keep us from the sacred mountain. Like the fawns coat, both the light and the dark can be loved to create gentleness and safety for those that seek peace.

Deer asks you to find the gentleness of spirit that can heal all wounds. Don’t keep pushing people into change, love them as they are. Apply this gentle approach and become warm and caring, this is your tool for solving the dilemmas that you face. Use it well and you will connect with the sacred mountain, your centring place of serenity, and Great Spirit will guide you.



Dog wants you to know you must delve deeply into your own sense of service to others. Dogs are devoted to their owners with such loyalty is does not matter to them how poorly they are sometimes treated.

When a Dog is yelled at or beaten it still returns to give its love to the person mistreating it. This does not mean that Dog is stupid it is a deep compassionate understanding of human short comings. It is like a tolerant spirit dwells in the heart of every canine that only wants to be of service.

Dog wants you to look at your sense of loyalty which is countermanded by your need for approval, and to ask yourself these questions –

1. Have I recently forgotten that I owe my allegiance to my personal truth in life.

2. Is it possible that gossip or opinions of others have jaded my loyalty to a certain friend or group.

3. Have I denied or ignored someone who is trying to be my loyal friend.

4. Have I been loyal and true to my goals.


Dolphin comes forward to you splashing through the waves as you are to be a link to some solution for the children of the Earth. This may be a time to link with the Great Spirit and answer your own questions and those of others. 

This can also mean a time of communication with natures vibrations, as you are put on notice to regard your own body rhythms and energies being fed to you from our creator. 

Be like the Dolphin and swim with laughter spreading joy to the world, see the bigger picture. Break all barriers and know that we are all whole in the eyes of the ever living one. 


Dragonfly says psychologically it may be time to break down the illusions you hold that are restricting your actions and ideas. Dragonfly asks you to dig deep within yourself and find the habits that you really need to break. 

Have you really tended to the changes you have wanted to make in your life? When you feel the need for change call on Dragonfly for guidance through the foggy illusions and find the pathway to transformation.


Eagle medicine is the power of the Great Spirit and the connection to the divine. It is the ability to live in spirit realms, yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth. Eagle feathers are considered the most sacred of healing tools and have been used by Shamans to cleanse auras for centuries.

The Eagle asks you to take heart and gather courage as the universe presents you with opportunity to soar above the mundane levels of your life. This opportunity may come as a spiritual test? You may find places within your soul, personality, emotions or psyche that need boosting or refining. In learning to attack your personal fears of the unknown the wings of your soul will be supported by the ever present breezes, which are the breath of Great Spirit. Feed your body, but more importantly feed your soul. In the realms of Mother Earth and Father Sky, the dance that leads to flight involves conquering fear and the willingness to join in the adventure that you are co-creating with the divine.

Eagle means you are being given notice to reconnect with the element of air. Air is part of the mental plane and of the higher mind. Wisdom comes in many strange ways and is related to the creative force of the Great Spirit.

The Eagle brings you illumination when you have been walking in the shadows of former realities. Eagle teaches you to look higher and to touch Grandfather Sun with all your heart, to love the shadow as well as the light. Like the Eagle see the beauty in both and take flight. Eagle brings you the freedom of the sky and asks you to give yourself permission to use this freedom and follow your hearts desires.


The Elk teaches you that by pacing yourself you will increase your stamina. Elk people may always be the first to arrive at their goal, but they will always get there without being burned out. If you take too much on it’s a good idea to take a look at how you plan to finish what you have started. Elks have a curious kind of warrior energy except in mating time when they honour the company of their own gender. In finding the strength which is gained from loving your own gender that is yours, you will feel the camaraderie that comes from similarity of experience. This trait allows the friendship of others of the same gender to overcome competition or jealous threats.

Elk maybe telling you to find the company of your own sex for a while, this communication with your own gender will let you voice your feelings in safety and share in others experiences. This sense of unity could be what you need.

Elk also tells you that you should see how you are doing in life physically, with all the stresses it brings. Hence the need to pace yourself to go the distance in whatever you are doing. A good diet may be an answer and some personal quiet time to restore balance to your body.


Fox wants you to be like the wind, which is unseen yet has the ability to find its way through any place or situation. It is wise to watch others actions rather then listen to their words. You are cunning so utilise this in a positive way keeping quiet about who, what and why you are watching. You need to test the art of camouflage to succeed at this, try to be invisible, move with stealth and grace through your surroundings whilst observing everything. 

Learn from Fox and know what is going to happen next. Watch and learn and you will see the predictability in situations which will help you to make your move. Like the rodeo clown, Fox can keep the rage of the Bull from stampeding a friend or relation using crazy tactics to deceive and camouflage the move. 


Frogs “ribbit” means you may need a cleansing, are you tired, overloaded, frustrated, guilty, nervous, itchy, at a loss, empty or weakened in some way? Take a break and bathe in the waters of relaxation, turn off the phone, stop shouting at others and take some cleansing breaths.

You need to rid yourself of distractions and replace all that muddy, clogged energy with clear energy, so you can replenish your mind, body and spirit.

Frog people give energy and support where it is needed and clean negativity from environments (as clairvoyants/mediums). 

Frog can give you the time you need to spend cleansing yourself of any person, place or thing that does not have a place in your new state and replenishment. 


Grouse asks you to start analysing the way you move through life. What kind of reaction do you create with the energy you are sending into the universe? Find the right words to describe the way you move through your material and spiritual worlds. Do these words and are your movements compatible with all your desires, needs and goals?

Grouse wants you to celebrate and dance with the divine source and offers you this dance as a gift.  Learn the Grouse lessons on harmonizing your life and find the creation of selfless beauty.



The Hawk asks you to be observant and look at your surroundings, observing everything you do as the magic of life brings you signal's. The magic can imbue you with power to overcome difficult situations. Test your abilities of the power lurking nearby, is this power the talent you have but are not using? Are solutions hard to find because you have lost the Hawks wider vision? Or is Great Spirit offering you a gift that you need only to receive? Do the colours in a morning inspire you to create? Or does the doom and gloom of situations leave you earthbound? Heed the Hawk, you are only as powerful as your capacity to perceive, receive and use your abilities.

The Hawks cry pierces the state of unawareness asking you to seek truths, use your intuitive abilities to understand the message the Hawk brings. When the Hawk cries the ancients say it is a time to beware or be aware of life, heighten your awareness to understand which.

The Hawk comes with responsibility as the Hawk sees the overall picture. Hawk people are aware of omens and messages from spirit. No details slip past the Hawk unnoticed.

Hawk asks you to be aware of signals in your life, notice these and receive them. Hawk may want you to cease an opportunity or maybe examine your life from a higher perspective so you can see the hazards that stop you from flying. Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart and flies close to the light of Grandfather Sun.


You must understand the power of the Horse as you strive for a balanced shield. True power is wisdom and is found in remembering the whole journey. Wisdom comes from remembering all the pathways you have walked in others moccasins.

Loving, sharing, teaching, caring and showing your compassion to all are the gateway to the ability of power.


Hummingbird says you love life and all its joys, as you bring people together and get the best out of them. You are instinctive and know where beauty lies, near or far, you know you and your ideal.

You move well and comfortably in your given environment and that help’s others and brings the best out in them. Your instincts tell you where beauty lies, near or far you get to your ideal. You are comfortable in your environment and help others in life. 

Hummingbird can help you rid the ugliness and harshness from your life and wants you to get ready to laugh (maybe musically) and start to enjoy creator’s gifts. Laugh and get ready for a new sense of energy that may send you rocking and drop that judgemental attitude, relax.

Beauty is Hummingbirds target to spread joy for it will be destroyed if caged or imprisoned.


Jaguar’s mission is to devour the unclean aspects of human behaviour, teaching us the penalties of inappropriate behaviour and the rewards to those that stand in their personal integrity, and walk through life respectfully.

Jaguar’s roar may be rewarding you for maintaining your integrity in a situation where you could have easily misused your authority. You may have been unwilling to pass judgement on someone, or to be self serving. You may have been kind to someone or did a good deed that was unexpected? You may allow the recognition to fill you with feelings of well being and continue to serve with compassion and open hearted integrity.

Don’t falter in your resolve to be your personal best all of the time. Keep your dignity, devotion and compassion holding to forthrightness and honesty, no matter what the contrary influences. Don’t feed any self important need to be an “enlightened one”, treating others in a self righteous way. 

Jaguar teaches you that your personal integrity allows for mistakes, embraces forgiveness and humbly makes self directed corrections, enabling a rebalanced spirit to rise once again.


Lizard is asking you to look and see what is following you and dragging you down. This could be fears of your future or part of your weakness that you are trying to ignore as a human?

Maybe its time to pay more attention to your dreams and their significance write them down and take note. Try to learn the symbols and details, dreams are very important in your life pay attention and heed the advice. 


Lynx brings the gift of clairvoyance if it is strong in you will get mental images concerning others and the exact things they have hidden from themselves or others. You will see their fears, lies and deceptions and you will also know where they have hidden the treasure if there is any? It is wise not to voice these things, just simply know.

Lynx lets you know that secrets are afloat, be still and pay attention to the revelations you get from mental images or through the voice in your inner ear. You may receive information in the form of omens and you can be sure Mother Earth is signalling you in some way.

Listen and Lynx will teach you about personal power and things you have forgotten about yourself. 


Moose lets us know that joys in our life should be shouted about with pride. The wisdom behind this is that it has a knock on effect. Like Moose bellowing it is a way of lightening up so we can give ourselves and each other a well done.

Moose people know when to use the gentleness of the Deer and when to use the stampede of the Buffalo. They know the balance between giving orders to get the job done and having a wanting to do things themselves.

Moose enjoys playing teacher and bringing wisdom and encouragement. This does not mean they do not warn only praise, because they do.  Moose knows what to say, when to say it and to whom it concerns.

The elders are honoured for their wisdom and teachings and for the calmness they bring in council. Moose encourages others to learn and grow. Moose means you have accomplished something on your journey, this could be a habit you have dropped, a completion of something, an insight on a goal or a new sense of self that you have fought hard to earn something. A time of feeling pride and recognizing those that helped you on your way.  Give encouragement to yourself and all.


Mountain Lion brings you power in leadership, an ability to lead without insisting all must follow. It is an understanding that all beings can be leaders in their own way. 

With Mountain Lion you can learn how to balance power, intention, physical strength and grace. This helps bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. If Mountain Lion visits your dreams then it is time to stand on your convictions and lead yourself where your heart takes you. Some may follow you and the lessons will multiply. 

You may need to review the purpose of your personal beliefs and whether you want others to share in your dreams. If you are the leader it may be time to push some cubs out of the cave as you are considered to be king of the mountain and never allowed to be vulnerable. The pitfalls are many but the rewards are great.

This place of power means you must forever be aware of keeping the peace. However, you will never make everyone happy unless you lie to yourself or others. This is just human nature so understand the responsibility of leadership is to tell the truth, know it and live it. Set this example and it will filter down to the tiniest cub in the pride.   



Mouse asks you to see the bigger picture other then the one staring you in the face. You may be fearful of life but are well organized with a compartment for everything. Try to be aware of the great dance that is life and realise that even though you may be sitting in London there is a Paris, a moon, a solar system, a galaxy and a infinite universe. Jump high and take a glimpse of the Sacred Mountain.

Mouse is telling you to scrutinize things, look at yourself and others very carefully. So maybe that big piece of cheese is sitting on the trap waiting to spring, or maybe the big cats waiting around the corner? Maybe someone is not doing their job faithfully and to the best of their ability? Mouse asks you to see what is right in front of you before your very eyes and to take the necessary action.



The Opossum tells you, you need to use strategy in a current situation. You need to rely upon your gut instincts to get you out of tight squeezes. If you have to pretend to be apathetic or unafraid then do it. Mostly when you refuse to be upset or brow beaten your aggressor will see no fun in the game. This is a battle of mental wit, just like the Opossum plays dead and fights another day. 

Opossum may be trying to tell you that you should expect the unexpected and be wise in accomplishing your victories.  Use your brain and sense of drama and surprise to jump the barriers that hinder your progress.


Otter brings you a time to examine yourself and your feelings about sharing your life with others. Otter may be telling you that the finer qualities of women need to be striven for in both men and women so that unity of spirit can be accomplished. This can involve the destruction of jealousy and anger which stem from fear. It means keeping a hold of your ego and maintaining total trust. 

Otter may also be telling you to be that playful child and to just let things unfold in your life. It could also be time to stop over worrying and hanging on to the material things that only hinder you. 

You may need to find the joyous side of your nature, treat yourself. Be the Otter and flow into the river of life, flow with the waters of the universe to be the balanced female receptive energy. Honour it and find the power of woman.



Owl brings you magical practices and perhaps exploration of the dark arts? You should resist all tendencies to play with black magic or anything that takes energy from another person or being. 

Owl symbolises wisdom because it can see that which others cannot, which is true wisdom. When others are deceived Owl sees and knows what is there. With Owl nobody can deceive you about their plans, no matter how hard they try to. You may come across as someone frightening to be around, this is because so many people have ulterior motives which you can see through. You frighten them because you reflect their blindness, as you cannot be fooled.  Owl people know more about someone’s inner life then the person knows about themselves.

The Owl asks you to utilise your powers of keen silent observation so that you can intuit some life situation. Owl is the friend urging you to seek the total truth and can bring you messages through dreams and meditation.  Keep an eye out for the signals and omens as the truth always brings further enlightenment. 


Porcupine gives us a reminder that we should not get caught up in the chaos of the adult world we live in, a world where fear, greed and suffering are commonplace. Porcupine brings relief from seriousness and severity. You should open your heart to things that gave you joy as a youngster.

You have to try to remember the gifts and preciousness of fantasy and imagination and the simplicity of making up a game or toy from nothing. If you honour the playfulness of spirit then everyone can win.


Prairie Dog could be warning you that your fuel gauge is running on empty. You may need to take a day out before you become to exhausted? Burning the candle at both ends seems fun but it weakens the punch you could normally pack when tackling things. Don’t crash and burn, take the break you need. In order to be inspirational you must be at peace with yourself and rested enough to see the blessings offered.

If you find that you have been getting nowhere with a situation then Prairie Dog reminds you that pushing too hard only creates a resistance that does not allow interaction. Take a break and give it a rest and after a time you can return with a fresher approach. 

There is more then enough strength available if you quit pushing and just go with the flow. Prairie Dog is telling you that its tunnels run both ways, so take the back door for some much needed rest and relaxation.


Rabbit says the lesson is to stop talking about awful things that happen and lose the “what if” scenario from your vocabulary. You maybe worrying too much about the future and trying to get or take control over things that are not in form or going to happen. 

You are afraid of tragedy, illness, disaster and being taken, accept them because what you resist will persist, what you fear is what you will become. Stop this process now, observe your fears and be willing to accept them. 


Raccoon is the little bandit asking you to take a good look around and see who needs you and your strength. Speak up and defend another who is being gossiped about behind their back. Maybe it is time to share what you have with those less fortunate then you? Those you help though must also learn protecting and providing skills so show them the way.

Raccoon wants you to honour yourself and others equally. You need to provide for your own needs or you cannot give to others generously. 

Chiefs earn their Eagle feathers when they promote all humans rights to self dignity, acting in this way brings that same honour to yourself and your family.


Raven brings you the courage to enter the darkness of the void, which is the home of all that is not yet in form. The void is known as the great mystery, and great mystery existed before all other things came into being. Great Spirit lives inside the void and emerged from the great mystery. Raven is the messenger of the void.

When Raven appears, you are about to experience a change in consciousness. This could involve walking inside the great mystery on another path at the edge of time. It would indicate a signal brought by Raven saying “You have earned the right to see and experience a little more of life’s magic”. The black of Ravens colour is the colour of the void, the black hole in space that holds all the energy of the creative source.

When Raven comes magic is in the air, don’t try to figure it out for you cannot. It is the power of the unknown at work and something special is going to happen. The big mystery though is how you will respond to the sparkling synchronicity of this alchemical moment. Will you be able to recognize it and utilise it to advance your growth? Will you be able to accept it as a gift from Great Spirit? Or will you limit the power of the great mystery and explain it all away?

Raven may need to be called as a messenger to carry an intention, healing energy, a thought or a message. This magic moment comes from the void of darkness and the challenge is to bring it to light. In doing this you will have honoured the magician within you.


Salmon wants you to trust your gut feelings at this time. Avoid outside influences from those with hidden agendas or those who manipulate events for personal gain. You need to look back at your personal experiences so you can decide whether the tide is ebbing or flowing. Go back to the beginning and retrace your path to this point. The wisdom is inside you and when you honour it you will not go wrong.

To reclaim your inner knowing you must see the opportunity in every situation, and know that wisdom is earned through both life’s easy and difficult experiences. Be open to listening to others as well as the small voice within you.  Always act in a manner that honours your path. The proper use of inner knowing comes when you flow with your real feelings, embracing all of the experiences you come across through life as learning lessons rather then hardships. 

Salmon asks you to see every bend in the river as a new adventure, with a lesson you need to know so you can grow. That knowing can then become real wisdom through applying these truths to your life.  


The Skunk teaches you that by walking your talk and respecting yourself you create a position of strength and an honoured reputation. The way you carry yourself states to others what you believe about yourself. There is no need for bullying or tormenting others, no need to overpower others when your sense of self is intact.

As with the Skunk the field of energy around you is relayed to you through senses. Your self esteem spreads your body energy which is instantly recognized by others.

You should learn to assert yourself without ego, exactly what you are. Your self respecting ways will repel others who are not like you but will attract those of a like mind. As the Skunks odour attracts its own kind it repels those who invade its space.

Skunk people attract others and are very charismatic. They also have the other side of their power though which is to repel those who seek to take their energy.

Skunk people also know how to attract a lover with their energy some people call this sexual magic. It can be dangerous to leak this sexual energy though if you are not looking for a mate. It puts you in a game scenario that may feed the ego but not what others think about you. Attracting those interested in you is in a sense letting them know you are available.

Know that you are known by your reputation and learn to use your energy well for it can bring you honour or disgrace. Examine the energy you are sending out in situations. Skunk asks you to take note of the people attracted to you. Walk tall and be proud and bear in mind what you believe about yourself is your protection.  Project, self respect.


The Snake is the power of creation for it embodies sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction and ascension (immortality). The Snake teaches you that you are a universal being.

When you accept all aspects of your life you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine. This fire energy when working on the material plane creates passion, desire, procreation and physical vitality. On the emotional level it becomes ambition, creation, resolution and dreams. On a mental level it becomes intellect, power, charisma and leadership. This energy on a spiritual plane brings wisdom, understanding, wholeness and a connection to the Great Spirit.

Snake tells you that there is a need to transmute something so that wholeness can be accomplished. This is heavy magic but magic is no more then a change of consciousness. Become the magician – transmute the energy and accept the power of the fire.



Spider comes to you and says “Create”, look for the alternatives to your present situation. Spider also warns you that you are coming close to an entangling situation/time. Maybe its time to take notes about what’s going on so you can create a different path for yourself?

Spider wants you to see when you re becoming too involved in the web of life and take notice of the bigger picture surrounding your life. Spider wants your attention so you notice that what you have spun will bear fruit and has caught you just in time before you missed opportunity.

Spider wants you to know that you are an infinite being, and you can continue to weave life’s patterns throughout your physical life if you try?


Squirrel may want you to start honouring your future and preparing yourself for changes. You could possibly need to lighten your load if you have gathered too many things that aren’t best serving you. Things like worry, stress, pressure etc that you have carried for years needs to be let go as does the gadgets and clutter you have accumulated. 

Squirrel can teach you to see the obvious so you can be prepared for anything. This is to do with that safe place where you store your gatherings. The safe place is an untroubled heart and mind, and all that is gathered in the place is wisdom and caring. The energies you accumulate will help to set your mind and heart free. This will aid you in knowing that all will be taken care of in its own time. Work with this and your fears of the future will disappear. 


Swan brings you altered states of awareness and development in your intuitive development as you have the ability to see the future. Give yourself up to the Great Spirit and accept the healing and transformation of your life.

Swan is asking you to accept your ability to see and know what lies ahead.  If you try to resist this self transformation don’t, just relax it will be a lot easier if you just go with the flow.

Stop denying self, you already know who it is when the phone rings. Honour your hunches and gut feelings let your female intuitive side shine through.



Turkey brings you a gift and this could be spiritual, material or even of an intellectual nature? This gift can be big or small but it does not matter for it will be very significant for you.

Maybe it’s the joy of winning the lottery or maybe just a beautiful sunset you need to see, or the smell and appreciation of a scented flower? 

On the other hand you may just feel the spirit of giving growing within you and wanting to share it with others.


Turtle asks you to honour the creative side within you, to be grounded to Mother Earth and to observe situations with compassion. Water and Earth energies that represent Turtles homes can be utilised to flow harmoniously with situations and to plant your feet on the ground in a power stance.

Turtle teaches the art of grounding so you can focus more clearly on thoughts and actions slowing you to a speed that will assure completion. Turtle plods on to warn of dangers of pushing forward to fast. 

The Turtle buries its thoughts just like its eggs in the sand. This allows the sun to hatch the new born and you to develop your ideas before bringing them into the open.   



Weasel thinks you may be a bit of a loner who hides from other’s you may even be a recluse? You are though a powerful ally in any business organization as you can always see what the competition is up to. 

People make a grave mistake when trying to suss you out as they are unaware of your powers. They will soon learn their error when they try to out smart you and fail, then they will see your intelligence shine through. 

Weasel will help you to find the hidden reason behind anything and you should use Weasel power for the good of all.  See who or what needs attention and apply your assistance in your own discreet way.


Whale people are coded in DNA and understand that sound frequencies can bring up records and ancient memories from the past. Clairaudience is a gift as you may be able to hear both low and high frequencies. 

The whale also helps you with psychic development and telepathy skills, although these gifts can be stored for a long time until they are to be used. Whale people have absolutely no idea why they can do what they do and know what they know. It is only later when confirmation is received that they start to understand how they know these things.

Whale wants you to find your origins and seek your destiny as is encoded in your DNA. Find the sounds that will release those records and you may never be the same again? Use your voice to open your memory and express your uniqueness then the other animal totems will send their calls through you.   

Do this and your personal records will open so you can explore your soul’s history and communicate further with Whale who carries the history of all of us.



Wild Boar is telling you it is time to confront whatever you have been avoiding? Take on your warrior nature and find the courage to confront your fears, is it a person, personal weakness or career challenge? It may also be time to finish a project long ago abandoned as you thought it would be too difficult to achieve. Confront yourself and your feelings about a situation that makes you nervous or causes you discomfort so you can find that peace and closure.

Wild Boar wants you to stop avoiding the inevitable and insists that you be fully present and mindful of what is going on and why. You already possess the courage needed to confront all that life throws at you, just remember where you hid it so you can use it, as challenges do not just simply disappear. You need to take on your issues so that you can reclaim your spirits energy. Half the battle is won when the warrior acknowledges and accepts the whole truth all of the time. 


As you feel Wolf coming alive within you, you may feel you want to share your knowledge by either writing or lecturing on information that will help others better understand their uniqueness or pathway in life. 

It is the sharing of great truths that the consciousness of humanity will reach new heights. Wolf can also be letting you know you need to seek out lonely places that will allow you to see the teacher within you. In the aloneness of power place, devoid of other humans you just may find the true you.

Look for teachings no matter where you are, as Wolf would not come to you unless you requested the appearance of the tribe’s greatest teacher.





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